About us

A family business

It all began in 1953 in our grandparents Maria and Franz Schumacher's garage in Raeren, Belgium, just over the border from Germany near Aachen. After the war, our grandfather wanted to build a new life for himself. He decided to make mustard, because producing mustard wasn't complicated, wasn't expensive and didn't require a lot of space. The mustard business went well and, over time, the company, known as "Gloria" and then "Filou", expanded, adding two further extensions to the garage and small annexe. At some point, our grandparents started producing other products, including mayonnaise and ready meals. But then our grandfather Franz fell ill. Our aunt, one of our mother Elvira's sisters, took over the business for a while. But it was clear that she didn't want to run it forever. Eventually, our mother Elvira and our father Philippe decided to take over the business.

In 1983, our parents took over the business in its entirety. In the meantime, the ready-made meals produced in large quantities at our Conserverie & Moutarderie Belge had become a big success on the market. For almost four years, our parents only produced for one major customer. At some point, other products were added: dressings, spreads and sauces. The business continued to grow. Soon, four children were born - that's us. The more we grew up, the more we helped our parents in the business, until three of us gradually joined the company.

Today, we, Rachel, Raphaël and Laurent, are a team of three at the head of the family business. In 2022, we started making certified organic products for various customers, mainly spreads.


As the 3rd generation, we have made it our mission to make our family business, with experience now spanning almost 70 years, more sustainable. We have built our business strategy on a model of sustainability. We have built our business strategy on a model of sustainability: ecological, economic and social.